Job 2988 – iOS Developer – Freelance

Date: February 5, 2019 Share:

Based in Ponsonby, our client is an award winning global creative agency. They are on the lookout for a highly skilled iOS Developer to work on a mobile application that uses machine learning combined with AR.

They are building an app that can perform real time object detection through a user’s camera. As well as detecting an object, they need to detect key-points/landmarks on the object too.

You will need previous experience training a machine learning network and running it on a mobile application. You’ll ideally have experience training a model with Keras and Tensorflow (or something similar) and then using it with ML Kit (experience with Core ML instead is fine). Experience using OpenCV would also be preferable.

Once the objects can be detected you’d need to overlay 3D models on top of it – experience with AR Kit is necessary.

For examples of work, we’d want to see any apps that use AR, and ideally an app that can perform object detection, especially if it includes key-point/landmark detection.


  • Shit hot Swift skills
  • Experience building a real time object detector through the device’s camera, ideally with keypoint/landmark detection
  • Experience training a machine learning model using Tensorflow/Keras/Tensorflow Lite (or something similar)
  • Experience with ML Kit or CoreML, and ideally OpenCV
  • Experience building AR apps using AR Kit

If you are keen to join an award-winning team producing high quality work, and are keen to work in Auckland central – send your CV and work to Charles Wheeler at The Digital Store, email, or call The Digital Store on (09) 365 1077 for more details.



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