The Difference Between Creativity and Innovation?

By Mike Hutchison

Innovation and creativity are two terms that can tend to get muddled when it comes to talking about business. Advertising guru Mike Hutcheson explores the difference between the two.

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Increase Engagement & Leads with Video

By 2021, video will represent 80% of all online traffic. Here are 5 tips for video marketing around ideal length, type of content, and tracking

Author: Todd Patton

In 2018, video is no longer an afterthought to a marketers overall strategy. It’s a full-funnel…

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Plastic-free print: Sustainable wrap magazines

It’s fair to say this year has been one centered around the banning of plastic bags from our communities. Closer to home, ICG Media titles Good, NZ Retail, Idealog and NZ Marketing are now being delivered in a compostable wrap…

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Using data can solve customer problems

The average customer is online pretty much all the time, creating an abundance of data for today’s businesses. If marketers aren’t using that data to offer more efficient experiences, it might be time to ask what it’s for in the first place. Here are a…

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Leveraging digital content to engage with prospective B2B buyers

Consumers have changed the way they interact and engage with content online, but businesses are still creating content that replicates the printed format of yesteryear. With thousands of digital signals available to be analyzed and new channels being created, marketers are missing the opportunity to optimize the engagement and…

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Becoming digital: The reinvention of the CIO

There’s a new mandate for businesses worldwide — not merely ‘doing digital’ anymore, but actually ‘being digital’. This is a massive adjustment of its own accord, with companies of all sizes in every industry striving to transform, in order to meet the expectations placed upon them in the new…

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Intelligent Transport Technology



JUNE 25, 2018

The industry association for Intelligent Transport Systems, ITS New Zealand, has been buoyed by the significant recognition of technology as a key part of developing Auckland’s transport systems, as set out in the 10-year Regional Land…

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Antivirus solution protects privacy

Antivirus solution protects privacy in the era of social media


With the recent revelations of Cambridge Analytica’s unethical collection and use of Facebook data, securing yourself online on social media is becoming more important than ever before.

Research on social media account ownership shows…

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Creative Space Available

Our studio is taking shape if you’d like to join us . . .

We are seeking creative businesses to come join us on this exciting journey – complementary businesses or individuals who have a proven track record in providing an exceptional level of service…

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Voice Scoops Awards

Voice Brand Agency scoops three coveted gold awards at Asia-Pacific brand awards


New Zealand’s Voice Brand Agency has won three gold, a silver and a bronze award at the Transform Awards Asia-Pacific 2017 held in Hong Kong on 6 December. Voice were the only New Zealand agency and one of…

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