The Rules of Influencing

Business owners, media agencies and influencers take note

by Hemma Vara

In the digital world, influencer marketing is a normalised way for businesses to promote their products and services. It is used to promote a variety of…

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Characteristics of Great Project Managers


Managing creatives is a very delicate – and under-appreciated – art. We look at the qualities that empower great project managers to succeed where others fail.

Good project managers are…

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Are you using the right marketing platform?

Making a move to a new marketing automation platform isn’t an insignificant undertaking. There are many considerations that need to be taken into account before migrating to a new platform, and each one of them could ensure success or failure on the marketing front for months to come. In…

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Why search marketing matters in 2018

Consumers are ignoring the mass of email and seeking out businesses on their own terms — when and where they want to look. Search marketing gets you found.

Author: Kimberley Collins

First let me ask you: how many unread emails are in the…

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Marketing moving beyond the department

Anand Thaker shares key traits of successful marketing teams—insight learned from more than 15 years experience leading the martech industry.

Author: Anand Thaker

Anand Thaker has more than 15 years experience in marketing technology and growth strategy, spanning marketing & sales strategy, operations, data, analytics, investing, and intelligent systems. In this guest…

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Do more of what you love

Written by 

Photo by Sarah Pflug from Burst

It’s easy to get bogged down when you run your own business. We have bills to pay and responsibilities to consider, so we naturally take…

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Video content generates the best engagement


In 2018, the number of available options for consumers to watch video content is truly staggering.

Long gone are the days when the whole family simply crowded around the television in the living room to watch whatever the national networks chose to broadcast. We are…

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Why influencer marketing is the best option


Natalia Kharchenko

Date published: August 1, 2018

Influencer marketing is quickly occupying e-commerce niche and it is absolutely natural. This new way of promotion became a trend that brings a large profit to many companies. Let’s take a look at successful examples of influencer marketing and the main reasons why you…

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Using AI to improve user experience


Yaroslav Kuflinski

Date publishedJuly 27, 2018

Not long ago, a company could gain the loyalty of its clientele based on product quality and little else. But with time, the difference between what a company offers and what its competitors provide has become negligible. Today, companies are increasingly seeking for alternative…

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“Design should never be self-indulgent”

Pentagram partner Marina Willer won a Design Week 2018 Award this year, entering our coveted Hall of Fame and joining the likes of Margaret Calvert, Malcolm Garrett and Johanna Basford. We speak to the graphic designer and film-maker about her journey, her challenges and her proudest moments.

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