Great ideas sell themselves… or do they?

John Scarrott, trainer and coach to design and creative businesses explores why is it that when it comes to pitch presentations, design agencies seem to spend little time practicing the presentation, and offers some ideas on what they can do about it.

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It’s Time for Charities to Stop Being Afraid of Their Marketing Spend

Instead of equating frugality with morality, Lawrence Jackson says it’s time for charities to take control of their marketing spend and realise that to make a big impact, they’re going to have to spend a dollar or two.

Whether it be someone shaking a tin at the traffic lights,…

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How can Clients get the Best out of Creative People?

Last week, we wrote about a new book by US graphic designer Bonnie Siegler called Dear Client, This Book Will Teach You How to Get What you Want From Creative People. Now, designers and design business experts tell us how to develop the dream client-designer relationship.

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Why 2018 is the Year of Experiential Marketing

Why 2018 is the Year of Experiential Marketing

April 17, 2018 Noeline van den Berg

We are living in an abundance of brand clutter. It follows us from screen to screen, room to room,…

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How to Build a Successful Brand

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How to Respond to Tough Questions When Pitching

How to respond to tough questions when pitching for a project

Questions from the audience during a pitch or presentation are almost guaranteed to raise anxiety levels among designers. John Scarrott, trainer and coach for design businesses, outlines a five-step process for tackling tricky questions.

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Is Logo the Most Important Part of Brand?

Is the logo still the most important part of a brand’s image?

What’s in a brand? Paul Bailey, strategy director at We Launch, argues that a company’s character is made up of so much more than its logo, from its sound to its app icon.

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Advertising and Comedy

Bill Bernbach’s famous line that ‘in advertising not to be different is virtually suicidal’ could just as easily be applied to comedy. And as Comedy Festival general manager Lauren Whitney searches for sponsors for this year’s festivities, she trumpets the growing popularity, the commercial opportunity and the cultural relevance…

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How Has the Internet Affected Art?

How has the internet affected art? A new show traces its impact

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How to Thrive as a Freelancer

As part of a special focus on freelance designers, we share advice from industry figures such as Emily Forgot and Ben Tallon on how to be successful as a freelancer.

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