Insights From Data Still Marketing’s Biggest Challenge

New research: “quick access to actionable insights” is the most important feature of a marketing measurement technology, and brands struggle to find it.

Author: Kimberly Collins

For brands, the most important feature of a marketing measurement technology is “quick access to actionable…

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Digital Transformation: Why It Matters?

Digital transformation could be in the running for “buzzword of the year.” And yet, it’s something businesses take very seriously. Here’s a primer for 2019.

Author: Brandyn Morelli

Digital Transformation is a hot topic these days. It might be in the running for buzzword of the year, along…

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Three Ways to Achieve Data Security

Providing the ability for employees to work remotely is a well-established method of attracting and retaining talent. Allowing employees to perform their job duties from mobile devices gives them the freedom of flexibility; specifically, the ability to work from home,…

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Why Businesses Struggle to Reach Digital Maturity

TIBCO released the initial results of the 2018 TIBCO CXO Innovation Survey examining the leading trends in innovation strategy within the enterprise.

The research provides a deep dive into how and why companies are innovating, as well as the tactics and…

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Capitalising on Exponential IT

In today’s world, IT systems need to be agile enough to ride not only every technological wave but also the rapidly evolving industry trends and changing customer expectations impacting each business.

What if these IT systems could move from just supporting…

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Email Marketing – Separation Could Be a Great Thing


Author: Emily Alford

Sometimes, separation is a good thing. And when it comes to your email marketing platform, separation could be a great thing.

If you’ve ever searched for a new email marketing solutions, you probably know that there a…

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Benefits of a low-code development platform

Author: Jacques-Pierre Dumas

Recently IT Brief had the opportunity to talk with Mark Weaser, OutSystems regional vice president, about low-code development platforms and how they can benefit businesses.

Let’s start off by talking a bit about OutSystems. What can you tell me…

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How to approach digital transformation


With markets and customer demands evolving faster than ever before, “transformation” has taken pole position on every executive’s list of buzzwords. Succeeding at major organisational change, however, takes more than the right rhetoric: 9 in every 10 digital transformation projects…

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Which mobile ads catch the consumer’s eye?

Viewability is a prized metric, but it doesn’t tell the whole story. A new study used biometric technology to see what kinds of mobile ads really resonate.

Author: Mike O’Brien

The average American checks their phone every 12 minutes and as a result, marketers spend billions of dollars a year on…

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Micro-laptop: Portable Productivity

Remember netbooks? Small-screened internet machines that, for the most part, were woefully underpowered but supremely portable. A Chromebook waiting to happen, kind of. The GPD Pocket 2 sees a return to the once popular format, but…

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