Gender Equality Design Group Expands Across UK

The organisation, which lobbies to get more women into design leadership roles, has been based in London for the last three years, but has now also opened branches in Liverpool and Bristol.

By Sarah Darwood

Research recently found that women in graphic…

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What will the workspace of the future look like?

Ideas at the Orgaec trade fair in Cologne, Germany, include a super-flexible space, a shared space by Edward Barber and Jay Osgerby and a company home.

By Alina Polianskaya October 29, 2018 5:27 pm

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5 of NZ’s Brightest Visual Artists

When an Australian like myself thinks of New Zealand, there’s a tendency for words like ‘kiwi’ and ‘hiking’ to spring to mind. But as we’re exploring throughout NZ Week, there’s a formidable sense of culture embedded wihtin our close neighbours to the east.

After a long stalk scourging for the…

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Designing an app that helps doctors

The British National Formulary (BNF) is a printed catalogue of drugs for doctors, nurses and pharmacists, updated and released twice a year – now there’s an app version, making searching, checking and prescribing easier. We speak to studio Modern Human about creating the digital platform.

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Looking to get more school kids into design

We speak to Kelly Mackenzie, founding director at White Bear Studio, about new initiative SHAPE, how hard it is to break into the industry without connections, and the need to broaden the workforce.

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Adobe announces open platform for Experience Design

 29 Aug 18  Jacques-Pierre (JP) Dumas

Adobe announced that Adobe XD is opening its platform to enable users to customise their tools with an ecosystem of community and partner-built plugins.

Leveraging Adobe…

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Pohutukawa tiny house is designed for big living

Bridget Borgobello

July 27th, 2018










New Zealand-based and family run studio Tiny House Builders has recently launched its impressive and sophisticated Pohutukawa tiny house on wheels. Pushing the boundaries of what we’re used to seeing in a tiny house, the Pohutukawa…

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Apple’s new store in Italy: design

Apple isn’t one to enter a major metropolis quietly. Its retail spaces in DubaiSan Francisco and China have all generated considerable buzz on the back of dramatic, statement-making designs. And the company’s first foray…

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Designing for dyslexia: A Style Guide

The British Dyslexia Association has put out guidelines that aim to encourage designers, businesses and teachers to consider those who struggle with reading and writing when making typeface, colour, spacing and imagery choices.

When graphic and digital designers create a website, app or a new brand, legibility will be one…

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The Rising Popularity of Canned Wine

By: Rudy Sanchez

Wine is wine.

There’s an expectation that it’s made from grapes, comes in a 750mL…

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