Illustrating Green Man Festival 2018

Illustrating Green Man Festival 2018, a “playful world for adults”

The independent music and arts festival based in Wales is in its 16th year, and celebrates its non-corporate ethos by commissioning a different illustrator annually to create its look and feel. We speak to Norwegian illustrator Sunniva…

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Emoji: An “Accidental Masterpiece”

Emoji: documenting the design story of an “accidental masterpiece”

Standards Manual’s latest crowdfunder charts the emoji’s meteoric rise from a series of simple picture characters created in Japan in the 1990s to a global phenomenon. The publisher’s founders Jesse Reed and Hamish Smyth tell us about the…

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Braille Typeface for Public Spaces

How a braille typeface for public spaces hopes to create an “inclusive” society

Japanese designer Kosuke Takahashi talks about why he decided to create a new typeface that incorporates braille and letters to cater for both blind and sighted people.

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Only Wise Designers and Bold Clients can Survive

Only wise designers and bold clients can survive our seismic cultural changes, says D&AD report Anomaly and David LaChapelle for Diesel: Make…

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Craig Oldham’s Honest Advice for New Graduates

Craig Oldham: “Nobody hires d*ckheads just because they do good work”

As the designer releases his new book featuring honest advice for students and graduates trying to break into the industry, he explains why portfolios aren’t the be all and end all of getting a job, and…

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Great Typefaces Created by Students

12 great typefaces created by graphic design students In association with

When it comes to typefaces, every graphic designer struggles with choosing the right…

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Interview with Paula Scher

 By Christopher Barker, Thursday December 07 2017 We’re not afraid to say Paula Scher is one of the most influential graphic designers in the world. In fact, we insist on it, so ahead of her appearance at Semi Permanent Sydney 2018, we gave her…

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Graphic Design in 2018

Design in 2018 – what will graphic design look like?

As part of our series on the future of design in 2018, Standards Manual and Order co-founder Hamish Smyth looks at what will happen in graphics over the next 12 months.

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Design Competition to Stop Plastic Pollution

The competition was launched earlier this year by The Ellen MacArthur Foundation, and will see the winners receive over £700,000 in prize money to develop concepts such as seaweed-based, edible packaging.

The New Plastics Economy Innovation Prize has announced the winners of a competition to rethink the design and materials…

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Watch: Creative Mornings with Tim Allen

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